Banquet Cook

Department: Champaign-Urbana, IL

Job Description

Job Title: Banquet Cook

Company: Eastland Suites Urbana

Location: Urbana, IL

Department: Kitchen Food and Beverage

Schedule: Mornings or Evenings


General Summary:
The Cook is responsible for preparing all food items, based on standardized recipes, for Room Service and Banquets, while maintaining the highest standards to produce an appealing and appetizing product. He/she is also responsible for ensuring the cleanliness, sanitation and safety in the kitchen and work areas while minimizing waste and maximizing cost/production ratio.

Essential Functions:

  • Coordinate all food orders between stations and food servers.
  • Assist in directing and correcting the presentation and portioning of food for all banquet functions.
  • Adhere to policies and procedures regarding sanitation and sanitary food handling.
  • Maintains the work area, including all counter tops, utensils, equipment, and refrigeration in a clean and sanitary condition in accordance with state, county, and company health regulations and safety regulations.
  • Have thorough knowledge of menus and the preparation required, according to hotel standards.
  • Maintain cleanliness and organization of all storage areas
  • Prepare and display buffet food items according to the hotel standards.
  • Proficiency in the following cooking techniques: charbroiling, poaching, deep-frying, sauté, braising, roasting and par-cooking.
  • Recognize quality standards in fresh vegetables, fish, dairy, and meat products.
  • Knowledge of herbs and spices and proper use of each.
  • Maintain clean and sanitary environment with knowledge of proper food handling, storage, and sanitation.
  • Prepare food for Banquets, asrequired, following specifications on Banquet Event Orders.
  • Prepare all foods following hotel standard recipes.
  • Breakdown buffets and plated meals, storing food and equipment properly at the end of each meal period.
  • Work banquet food station as scheduled by the Banquet Supervisors.
  • Know the location and operation of all fire extinguishing equipment.
  • Practice safe work habits at all times to avoid possible injury to self or other employees.
  • Use Production Charts as specified by hotel’s standards.
  • Be able to support any position in the kitchen that is in need of help.
  • Perform additional duties as the need arises
  • Possess considerable knowledge in food preparation, presentation and portion control.
  • Ability to plan, organize and direct the activities of employees in the kitchen area.
  • Ability to develop an effective working relationship with fellow employees and supervisors.
  • Ability to read, write and communicate effectively with co-workers and patronsGuest Satisfaction
  • Promotes 100% guest satisfaction throughout the property. Instills the 100% guest satisfaction objective to Departmental and hourly associates
  • Ensures that all guest related issues are resolved in a manner consistent with the company’s goals and objectives

Supporting Functions:

  • In addition to performance of the essential functions, this position may be required to perform a combination of the following supportive functions.
  • Perform other duties and responsibilities as requested (i.e. special guest requests)
  • Adheres to all Federal, State, and Corporate policies in all functions
  • Other duties as assigned

Specific Job Knowledge, Skills and Ability:

Preferred: High School Diploma

Preferred: Minimum of three years related hospitality experience.

Licenses or Certificates:
Required: Food Handling Certificate

All employees must maintain a conservative, neat, clean and well-groomed appearance.

Physical Requirements

  • Standing/walking: Constantly. Concrete, tile, rubber mats covering tile, carpet, stairs, etc. Crouching: Frequently. Lift heavy objects, put supplies away, reach lower shelving in walk-ins, and supply shelves, retrieve items from ovens.
  • Stooping: Frequently. Lifting, demonstrating and training cooking techniques, putting supplies away, retrieve items from ovens.
  • Twisting: Frequently. Cooking food, place or retrieve supplies, product, performing line positions.
  • Balancing: Occasionally. Carrying supplies, product, working near hot equipment.
  • Reaching (overhead/extension): Frequently. Working the line, reaching for objects, supplies.
  • Handling / Grasping: Frequently. Supplies, knives, slicer, utensils, sauté pans, etc.
  • Fingering / Feeling: Frequently. Spices, foods.
  • Pushing/pulling: Average weight: Occasionally. Racks, carts with products weighing 5-50 pounds. Maximum weight.
  • Lifting / carrying: Average weight; occasionally. Product, supplies weighing 1 to 35 pounds. Maximum weight: Frequently. 50 pounds


This description is a general statement of required major duties and responsibilities performed on a regular and continuous basis. It does not exclude other duties as assigned.